Kalymnos Panorama

An excellent and popular crag with tufa climbing on quality rock that is as good as it gets. The tufas can sometimes be greasy on humid windless days. Although not as steep as Grande Grotta, good stamina pays dividends on the long pitches.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
6b - 8c
South West
Gets the sun after about 1.30pm
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Monahiki Elia 6b 25m

A polished route at the right hand side of Grande Grotta before the climb up to Panorama proper

02 Taz 6c 25m
02e Taj mahal 7a+ 40m

A pumpy extension to Taz

03 Kalypige 7a 35m
04 Rastapopoulos 7a 30m

The first route from the left hand side of the Panorama ledges. Spaced bolts

04e Rastapopoulos extension 7b 40m

Excellent. 80m rope needed. Tie a knot

05 Aegean Sea 7a+ 30m

Often confused with Cigarillo, which is a shame if your limit is 7a.

05e Papacostopoulos 8a 55m

The extension to Aegean Sea

06 Cigarillo 7a 30m
07 Where is my mind? 7b 30m

Same start as Cigarillo but move right

08 Panselinos 6b+ 20m


09 Carpe Diem 6b 15m

Follow the tufas

09e Super Carpe Diem 7b+ 40m

A good extension to Carpe Diem with good holds and rests. Spaced bolting

10 Carpe Noctem 7a 20m

A tricky crux / clip

10e Super Carpe Noctem 7c+ 40m

Pumpy climbing and a sit down rest. Extend the quickdraws to reduce drag

11 Commandante Marcos 7a 25m

A powerful start

12 Joggel + Toggel 6c+ 25m

Another bouldery start

12e Joggel + Toggel extension 7b+ 40m

A bouldery crux at the end. Take lots of quick draws and an 80m rope. Tie a knot in the end

12f Joggel + Toggel extension 2 8a+ 55m

Spaced bolts and holds that presumably don't get used enough to get less sharp

13 Delirium 8c 55m

A major line, starts as for Mind Boggle and continues for an eternity to finish at the top of Joggel and Toggel

13r Mind Boggle 7b+ 30m

A dyno followed by steep pumpy climbing

14 Kopakabana 7b+ 35m

Fingery crux then tufa climbing

14e Kopakabana extension 8a+ 55m
15 Mnou Tchao 7b+ 40m

More tufas

16 The Call of the Ktulu 7b+ 40m

Start as for Manou and move right to a hard move and then tufas

17 Lulu in the Sky 7a+ 40m

Hard slab then tufas

18 Aeolia 7a 30m

Same start as Lulu but move right. Slightly easier, some good rests

18e Aeolia extension 7b 40m
19 Russel Paradies 7a+ 60m

3 pitches 6c; 20m; 7a+ 35m; 6c+; 25m. Walk right at the top to find a 2x35m abseil point

20 Gwundernase 6c 20m
21 Lothar Scie 6b+ 20m
21e Lothar La 6c+ 35m

The extension to Lothar Scie

22 Seven Up 6c+ 20m
22e Up 7a 35m

The extension to Seven Up

23 Poupetskaia 7a+ 20m

Boulder problem start

24 Uncle Bert 6c+ 20m
24e Steps Ahead 7a 35m

An excellent extension to Uncle Bert

25 Uncle Ernie 6b+ 20m

Same lower off as Uncle Bert

26 Bitman 7b 30m

Starts left of the cave, lovely rock formations

27 Cyclops 6c+ 20m

Another excellent tufa climb

28 Neptun kl 6c 30m
28e Neptun kl extension 7c 35m
29 Steinpilz 7a 35m

Delicate tufa climbing? Possibly hard for the grade

30 Chnosi Family 7a 30m

Easier than it looks

31 Tuefeli 7b+ 30m

Sharp fingery climbing

32 Mecki Messer 7a+ 30m
33 Boomerang 6c+ 33m

Slabby and technical

34 Michis Hohlenfieber 4c 15m
35 Lucido 7a+ 40m
36 Reptil 7a+ 40m


37 Bye bye Felix 7a 40m

Same start as Reptil and also excellent

38 Taka 6c 30m
39 Arno 5c 30m
40 Elia 7a 40m
41 Hell est nique 7b 40m


42 D.T.F. 6c 35m
43 Eureka 6a 25m
44 La vie selon Gege 6b 30m
45 A Room with a View 7a+ 30m
46 L'homme qui tombe à spit 7b 35m
47 La risée 7a 15m
48 Medical project 6b+ 30m
49 Space Walk 6a+ 155m

A long multi pitch route. Take an 80m rope
2b 15m; 4a; 15m; 6a 20m; 6a+ 20m; 5a 30m; walk 20m; 5b 35m
Descend by abseil down the last pitch and down the route or by walking to the anchors above Mecki Messer or above Grande Grotta

Crags in Kalymnos