Kalymnos Saint Photis

A beautiful walk to a beautiful crag next to the quaint chapel of Saint Photis. The climbing is also interesting and varied;  Chapel View has steep sharp slabs, sector Icare has smooth walls and overhanging cave routes on excellent rock, and to the right of the chapel, Chapel Wall has some nice wall climbing. All in all St Photis is well worth the visit. Beware though of days when the lack of wind brings damp conditions, the rock here can sometimes feel very slippery.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5c - 8b
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

CHAPEL VIEW. THe buttress opposite the chapel

01 Martin 5c 20m

A hard start then a sharp corner

02 David 6a+ 20m

The arete right of Martin

03 Miss Experience 6a+ 20m
04 Paul + Paula 6b 20m
05 Supernicki 6a 20m

Same start as Paul + Paula

06 Elisabeth 6a 20m
07 Jux 5c 30m
08 Pik 6b+ 25m
09 Faulpelze 6a+ 25m
10 B.B. 6b+ 40m

Goes all the way to the top of the crag


CHAPEL WALL. To the right of the chapel

12 Danone 6b 30m

Immediately right of the chapel wall

13 Diablerets 6a+ 30m

Just right of Danone

14 Omega 6c 25m

Juat right again

15 Picorama 7a+ 25m

Starts 5m right of Omega and finishes at the same lower off


ICARE. Reached by a scramble up the hillside to the right of Chapel Wall

21 Anarrihisi 7a 40m
22 To Doraki 7c 25m
23 Want a Beautiful Life 8a+ 25m
24 Mal au Coeur 8b+ 35m
25 Beginner SIS 8b 20m
26 Pro Bro 8b+ 35m

The extension

27 Les Mains Oranges 8b+ 35m
28 No Remorse 8a+ 15m
29 Sans le Figuier 8a+ 30m
30 Bye Bulli 8a+ 30m
31 Kardamo 8a 30m
32 Icare 7a+ 20m ***

A smooth, pumpy, wall climb that is best climbed in dry, cool conditions, when it is worth it's three stars

33 Eftace 7c 25m
34 Erag 7a 25m
35 Cartier 6a+ 25m


36 Antarctic 6a 20m
37 Antarctic extension 6c+ 25m

A bouder problem extension to Antarctic

38 Hydria 6c+ 25m
39 Bim Bam Boom 8a+ 25m
40 Ruhetag 8b+ 25m
41 The One 7c+ 20m
42 Howl Lala 7b+ 25m
43 Boulderaki 7b 15m
44 Vikos 6b+ 30m

The first and easiest of a trio of routes finishing at the Captain Corelis lower off

45 Oups 7a 30m
46 Captain Corelis 7a 30m

The last and best of the trio

47 L'Endurance

Starts about 5m right of Captain Corelis and climbs a sharp wall

48 Primo 6b 30m

The crack and corner right of L'Endurance

49 Speckknödel 5c 20m

The corner to the right

50 Iki Kampai 6b+ 20m

Same start as Speckknödel but move right to climb the arete

Crags in Kalymnos