Kalymnos Summertime

One of the few sectors at Kalymnos that gets the shade in the afternoon, so popular with those that stay in bed late. Some nice slabs near to the road, and steeper routes a bit further up the hill. Gets the sun until about 1pm.

Greece - Kalymnos
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Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

SECTOR A MAGOULIAS. Walk up the hill from the main cliff past Summer Wine

A01 7a L'Envers 8b 15m **

Up and to the left of the main Magoulias sector is a big roof. Climb this via heel hooks, take care how you use them, nasty fall potential.

A02 Begravingsplatz 8b+ 15m *

crimpy and bouldery

A03 Finally it's not 7a 8b+ 15m **

The third route in the cave

A04 Agrimi 7a+ 35m **

Half way between the main part of Magoulias and the cave. Tufas and crimps to finish

A05 A route with a view 7b 40m **
A06 L'enfer du menage 7b 40m **

start as for Fred then move left.the climbing gets progressively harder right to the last move

A07 Fred 6b 30m ***

Starts just above the small cave and climbs the impressive looking wall.

A08 Nikolas 5c 20m **

The groove and steep wall with big or small holds - your choice

A09 Nikolas extension 7a+ 40m **

Hardest at the top

A10 Fotini 6b 25m **
A11 Honeyball 6c 23m **
A12 Toni 6c 25m ***

The hardest technical part is near the top

A13 Anne 6b 30m **

Same lower off as Sabina

A14 Sabine 6c+ 30m ***

An excellent wall with a hard start

A15 Vlasis house 6c+ 30m **

A steep wall

A16 K tsi k 7b+ 20m **
A17 Vertigo 7c 20m **

SECTOR B SUMMER TIME. Just up the hill from the main cliff

B01 Shiva + Dimitris 6a 30m ***

A long slab

B02 Andro Drom 6b+ 25m ***

Technical grey wall. Tricky 

B03 Acon69cagva 6b+ 30m **
B04 Didi, Hermana de Alma 6a 25m ***
B05 Summer Wine 6b+ 30m ***

The steep wall right of Didi is climbed on large holds

B06 Silver Spurs 6c 30m ***

Right again of Summer Wine, more big holds

B07 Get up 6a+ 25m **

Right again

B08 Beru 6a+ 25m **

and again

B09 Mama Nota 7a 25m **

20m further right is a low angled grey slab with lots of bolts on ot. The next 3 routes start up this. For Mama Note start on the lhs of the slab

B10 Pére vert 7a 25m **

Start as for Mama Note but move right to a pull right over the bulge

B11 Mr Rigolo 6b+ 25m ***

Climb the right hand side of the slab to enjoyable pulls through the bulges

B12 Antonis Lampos 6c 15m ***

The cave on the right is reached by a short scramble to a ledge

B13 6 Riens 6b 15m **

Climbs from the ledge round the left hand side of the big block and up the wall

B14 Roumain des Bois 6a+ 15m **

From the ledge climb the right hand side of the block to a sharp pull through the bulge

B15 Hongrois reve 6a+ 15m **

From the RHS of the ledge climb direct

B16 Papou Christo 6b 20m **

Start as for Hongrois Reve, but follow the right hand line of bolts

B17 Angry bird 7c+ 15m ***

move right and back left at the bottom to get to a hard crux move at the top

B18 Norwegian friends 7b+ 15m ***

The right hand set of tufas also has a hard move at the top

B19 Vulture 7a+ 15m


B20 No Pain no Gain 7a 20m

Also sharp


SECTOR C MAIN CLIFF. Right next to the road

C01 Salbei 6a 20m **
C02 Friends 6b+ 20m *
C02a Dill 6a 20m **
C03 Thymian 4c 20m **
C04 Asterias 4c 35m **
C05 Ammos 5a 30m **
C06 Soupia the great 5c 20m ***
C07 String 5c 20m ***
C08 Bikini 5c 20m ***
C08a Belt 5c 20m **

Just to the right of Bikini, a delicate move R in the middle

C09 Salamina tis Kypros 6a+ 20m **
C10 Ammohostos Vasilevousa 6a ***
C11 Maccabi 6b+ 25m ***
C12 Orea Dana 6a+ 25m **
C13 Yeraki 5c 25m **
C14 Til Tanit 5b 25m **
C15 Sophia 5a 25m **
C16 Dorian 4c 12m **
C17 July 4c 20m *
C18 Anna 4a 20m **
C19 Leuchtterm 5c 22m **

The tower at the right hand side of Summertime

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