Vercors - Tina Dalle

Tina Dalle is an easily accessible, single pitch, sport climbing crag near the approach path that leads to the "grandes voies" of Présles. It has some excellent routes. It can get very hot, the sun shines on it most of the day, and most of the year.

France - Vercors
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5b - 8c
The right hand section is in the shade after about 5pm

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

TINA DALLE MIDDLE. 50m left of Nuit des Temps is a grey apron with an orange head wall . It is behind an old and very conspicuous tree. The apron has some excellent well bolted easier routes. To the left of the apron are a few middle grade climbs, and one much harder.

B01 Toi mon toit 6c 20m
B02 Unknown 6a
B03 Unknown 6c 20m
B04 Crack 5c 20m
B05 Cent ans de solitude 8b+
B06 2eme Liste 7a 25m

Starts up the steep corner left of la Veste

B07 la Veste 7b 25m

The yellow wall left of the grey apron. Excellent

B08 Fesse sure 4b 15m

The first easy route on the grey apron. The routes B8 to B16 are all well bolted, also confusing and hard to disinguish.

B09 Bataille trop sure 4c 15m

The left hand side of the apron has the easiest routes

B10 Hisse ta carcasse 4c
B11 Marina 5b
B12 Gratte ton 6b 15m

The centre left of the apron has some trickier but still well bolted routes

B13 Bipède à statione verticale 6b
B14 Unknown 6a
B15 Délitée 5b 15m

The centre / right hand side of the apron

B16 Unknown 5b
B17 Ballade de J-M 6c 30m

The left hand route up the orange head wall. Old bolts

B18 Pilier 6b

Similar to Ballade de J.M.

B19 Le Diédre 4c 30m

The easiest and classic line up the right hand side of the head wall

B20 Vertige 7a
B21 Elite 7a 30m

The short first section is 6a (looking for Blackberries?) 

B22 Voie cloutée 6b
B23 Annidalle 6b

The long corner right of the grey slab. 

B24 Monitrice 5c 8m

The first of four short routes to the ledge

B24e Tarzan 7c+

A long tricky slab

B25 Boudillon 4c
B26 T'y vas ou je t'assure 4c
B27 L'initiatrice 3
B28 25' 52" 8a+ 25m

The left hand of the hard wall climbs. The time to climb the road with your bicycle.

B29 Lagavulin 8c+ 25m
B30 Bruit de cuvette 8c+ 25m
B31 Le chemin des justes 8b 25m
B32 Voyage de noces (en Patagonie) 7a+ 25m

TINA DALLE RIGHT. As you approach the crag from the road you reach an obvious leftward sloping corner. This is Nuit des Temps.

C01 Frére Galette 6c 30m **

A fingery route just left of Nuit des temps that gets harder the higher you go. Good footwork helps

C02 Nuit des temps 6a 30m **

A nice warm up. Start up the shallow groove until a tricky move right and then easier climbing to the lower off

C03 The Wall 6a 20m

Climb just left of the name on the rock to reach the shattered groove. Continue up this. 

C04 Coulée douce 7a+ 25m

Start up the wall until it is possible to reach the line of pockets that go up the steep wall. Excellent, strenuous climbing on good holds. The direct start is 7b.

C04e Sang Coulé 7b+ 30m

The extension to Coulée Douce

C05 Grain de Poussiére 7c 25m

The magnificent tufas right of "The Wall". 

C06 Obélix 7c 25m

The wall just right of Grain de Poussiére

C07 Baptéme de l'air 7c 25m

Another stunning line, starts up Obélix and moves right

C08 Poignée de Guépes 7c+

Starts underneath and to the right of the large cave

C08e Trépalium 8a+

The extension to Poignée de Guépes

C09 Never trust a naked bus driver 7c

Starts to the right of Poignée de Guépes. A variation traverses right out of "Never trust.." into Hamac (Méli Mélomane 8a) ; A second variation traverses left to the lower off of "Poignée .." (Connection Privée 8a+);

C09e Never trust a naked bus driver extension 8a+
C10 Hamac 8a

Starts to the right of taxi driver

C11 Angel's Song 8a+

To the right of Hamac. The right hand start to this route, finishing up Suzanna is Devil's Tongs, 8b+

C11e Suzanna 8b

The extension to Angel's Song

C12 Sombre Héros 8a+

A long pitch starting to the right of Devil's Tongs

C13 Trapèze dans l'Azur 8a

Start as for Sombre Heros and follow the right hand line of bolts. Superb

C13e Octo Diktat 8a+

The extension to Trapèze

C14 En guerre et contre tous 8b
C15 Anti occident 8a
C16 Garde à vue 7b

After a hard start, follow the right hand line of bolts. Traversing left at mid height into Anti Occident is Coran Alternatif (7c)

C16e Garde à vue extension 8a
C17 Bas la moule 7a

The tufa just left of the wide orange streak

C18 Keep zen 7b+

Just right of the wide orange streak

C19 Fente Reveche 8b


C20 Unknown 7b
C21 Alpinista 6 CH 7a
C21e Alpinista 6 CH extension 7b
C22 Areuh areuh 8a
C23 Voyage 7c+

Directly above the road, do not belay from the road

C23e Voyage extension 8a