A short, pleasant, easily approachable crag, with routes up to 15m in length. The crag gets some sun in the middle of the day in winter and is a useful venue on summer evenings.

Germany - Bayern
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5c - 7c
Until mid afternoon

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Da Dampfplauderer 6b+
02 Bleib geschmeidig 6b
03 Emmentaler 6b
04 Schweizer Käse 6a
05 Weidebetrieb 6a+
06 La vache qui rit 6a+

Same lower off as Weidebetrieb

07 Spiel auf Zeit 6b
08 Kehrwoche 5a
09 Buckelweise 6a
10 Familie Labile 5b
11 Mini Rock 6a

A direct on Familie Labile

12 Analtrakt 6a+

Named after the mono near the start

13 Züruck aus der Zukunft 6b
14 Wiesenhausl 6a+

A left hand variant to Museumssteig. Sustained and pleasant climbing

15 Museumsstieg 6a
16 Project
17 Die Unvollendete 7b

Long reach?

18 Die Vollendung 7c+

Direct finish to Die Unvollendete

19 Never Stop Exploding 7b

A popular route with a hard start

20 Project
21 Project
22 Oma Bea direct start 6c
23 Oma Bea 6b

Starts up Opa Fri and moves left when it gets hard

24 Opa Fri 6b

A hard move then sustained and pumpy

25 Die Qual der Zahl 7a+

Another popular test piece

26 Glückszahl pi 7c
27 Klopf oder zahl 7c
28 Project
29 Stacheldraht im Harnkanal 7c+
30 Hirnkrieg 7c+
31 Stacheldraht im Hirn 7c+
32 Krieg im Hirnkanal 8a
33 De hods quer 6b

A long traverse above the cave

34 For Sportsfreaks only 6a

The next 3 routes have the same start. This is the left hand variant

35 Sportfetish 6a+
36 Alpenfetish 6a

The right hand variant moves back left at the top to join Sportfetish

37 Project
38 Wackelphilipp 6a

Starts behind the maple tree

39 Zappeldackel 6b
40 Crackline 6c+

The right to left crack line

41 Streusel 7b+

Crux high up

42 Wiesenrowdy 6b+
43 Larifari 7b

Starts as for Wiesenrowdy and moves right to the same lower off as the next two routes

44 Petit illusion 6b+

The overhanging corner

45 Am Wiesenrand 6c+
46 Der kleine Attraktor 6a

A short route at the very right hand side of the crag

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