List of climbing walls

Title Country Area Overview Telephone Website
Boulderbar Vienna Austria

One of Vienna's best bouldering walls. Over 1.300 m2 of boulder problems in two different rooms.

+43 1 330 14 06
Val de Grimpe France

A nice bouldering hall in Cagnes-sur-mer, quite small with mostly overhanging problems. 2 rooms, about 4m high and a small training area with mats and pull-up bar. Routes from very easy to very hard, suitable for all climbers! Very local, nice people and music. Food and drinks at the small bar.

IMPULSIV Freizeitcenter Germany

An indoor sports complex with lead walls as well as squash, badminton and a sauna. Impulsiv is probably the best lead climbing wall in the Basel area, located just over the border in Germany. As well as three rooms with excellent routes for leading, it has a separate (limited) bouldering wall, and many top rope problems, good for beginners. The wall is well maintained, reaches a height of 17m and the routes are regularly changed. There are roughly 100 lead routes to suit ability up to 8a.

+49 (0) 7621/ 7 79 00 (während den Öffnungszeiten)
B2 Switzerland

One of the premier bouldering walls in Europe, B2 will stretch your limits like no other wall. Built on two levels, it has several hundred problems, all graded, suitable for all levels and regularly changed. There are even a few fun competitions each year. It is also has a pleasant social atmosphere, with a bar and small garden outside. Be careful though, although the padding rises as the problems get higher, and so can be enjoyed in complete safety, muscle and tendon injuries are common. Warm up thoroughly, try things well within your ability, especially if you are not used to bouldering, and try to ignore the regulars who can climb overhanging walls, without holds, with consumate ease. 

+41 (0)61 823 22 50
Kletterhalle Laufen Switzerland

A purpose built facility belonging to the SAC. Laufen climbing wall is primarily for leading, although there is also a bouldering area. Routes are up to 19m in length, with something for everyone. The wall is mostly unsupervised, and has an electronic system to enter. A key card can be purchased at the nearby "Go/In" restaurant, a few minutes walk away.
Kletterhalle7 Switzerland

A popular wall in the Gundeldingen area of Basel. Not so high, good for beginners and for developing your power.

061 331 07 07