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List of Crags

Country: Switzerland
Region Crag Overview Rock Type Altitude Number of routes Range of Routes Faces Name
Switzerland - Rätikon Rätikon - Sulzfluh

The Sulzfluh is situated at the east end of Rätikon, the chain of mountains above Schiers and St. Antonien that forms the border between Switzerland and Austria.

Limestone 2500m 30 6a - 8? South Switzerland - Rätikon
Switzerland - Tessin Val Maggia - Cevio

One of the best crags in Tessin for those who climb above 7a. Climbing in Cevio is on a gently overhanging wall with many classic routes.

Granite 500m 50 6b - 8a North East Switzerland - Tessin
Switzerland - Tessin Val Maggia - Prato

An excellent crag of high quality granite with a bit of something for everyone. Prato is set in a beautiful location, and has some excellent routes. Well worth a visit.

Granite 700m 50 3 - 8 West Switzerland - Tessin
Switzerland - Tessin Val Maggia - Terra di Mezzo

A steep crag with some good endurance routes in the 6c to 7a range. Faces west, so gets the afternoon sun, in winter this leaves early. Best in Spring and Autumn.

Granite 700m 50 6b - 7b West Switzerland - Tessin
Switzerland - Wallis Herr der Ringe

An appropriately named crag set in a magic wood in a really beautiful location.  Excellent for short, technical, bouldery climbing in mid summer.

Gneiss 1000m 50 5a-7c North West Switzerland - Wallis
Switzerland - Wallis Simplon Dorf

A small but very worthwhile crag close to Simplon Dorf. It is an excellent summer venue being located at 1500m, and in the shade in the afternoon.

Gneiss 1480m 50 East Switzerland - Wallis