Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
1 Odile Kalymnos Noufaro Nirvana Alternate leads 7a Gold

La 1ere moitié en tête la 2ème en top rope

2 Georgemeysner Aiglun - Paroi du Giet Les chevreuils de Calendal Alternate leads 6a+ Gold Edit
3 mike421 Engelhörner Simelistock and Vorderspitze Silberfinger Alternate leads 6c Gold

with Bruce

4 mike421 Grimsel - Bügeleisen Bügeleisen Alternate leads 6b E2 ***

"Nails" is a good description from UKC!

5 mike421 Engelhörner Kingspitze Nordostwand Alternate leads 6a Gold Edit
6 mike421 Tafraoute North - Lower Eagle Infinity Alternate leads 6b+ E4 5c **

A scrappy first 15m that gives the route its grade, is followed by a superb crack and a pleasant second pitch.

7 mike421 Tafraoute North - Icebox Canyon Polar bear Alternate leads 6a E1 5b *** Edit
8 mike421 Grimsel - Mittagfluh Durststrecke Alternate leads *** Edit
9 mike421 Tafraoute North - Icebox Canyon Ice breaker Alternate leads 6b E3 5c Gold Edit
10 mike421 Rätikon - Sulzfluh Rialto Alternate leads 6b E2 5c *** Edit
11 mike421 Churfirsten - Tristencholben Stiärägrind Alternate leads 6a E2 5b *** Edit
12 mike421 Hannibal Turm Elefantenrüssel Alternate leads 6b E1/E2 *** Edit
13 mike421 Hannibal Turm Conquest of Paradise Alternate leads 6b HVS/E1 Gold Edit
14 mike421 Tafraoute North - The Narrow Slit The Amphibian Alternate leads 6c E4 6a *** Edit
15 mike421 Baunei - Cala Goloritze Solo Incantatore Alternate leads 6c Gold

First did it in 2005, then again 2015

16 mike421 Cheselenfluh Technoparty Alternate leads 6c+ ***

had a rest on the last pitch

17 mike421 Tafraoute North - The Narrow Slit Pythagosauras Alternate leads 5c HVS 5a *** Edit
18 mike421 Galengrat Galengrat Verschneidung Alternate leads 5c E1 5a/5b Gold

Superb, except that you have to carry a massive rucksack with boots and crampons in it

19 mike421 Pena Roja Soca una igualita Flash 6b *

Not that easy!

20 mike421 Grotte des Nains Tip Flash 6c+ ***

Excellent tufa climbing. Put the clips in on abseil from Simple

21 Odile Santa Linya - Futbolin Punt de Trobada Flash 6a+ ** Edit
22 mike421 Telendos Eros Nymph Flash 7a *** Edit
23 Odile Kalymnos Summertime Andro Drom Flash 6c ** Edit
24 mike421 Rodellar - El camino Para mis amigos Flash 6a+ ** Edit
25 mike421 Rodellar - El camino Sonnisa vertical Flash 6b ** Edit
26 mike421 Simplon Dorf Farfallina Flash 6b ** Edit
27 Olivier Redelsflue Olio extra vaginale Flash 6b+ ** Edit
28 mike421 Claret Tac tac Flash 6b ** Edit
29 Odile Kalymnos Sikati Cave Les Pirates de Sikati Flash 7a+ ** Edit
30 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta Lysistrati Flash 7a+ ***

Excellent, had an extension on the bolt over the lip

31 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Satisfaction Flash 6b ***

A hard move

32 Odile Santa Linya - Futbolin Red Dusk Flash 6b+ *** Edit
33 mike421 Kalymnos Arginonta skyline Highlight Flash 7b **

Had the quickdraws in, quite technical.

34 mike421 Pego Quimera Flash 6c+ ***

one out of character hard move

35 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Reve d'hiver (Angie) Flash 6b ** Edit
36 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Sonne im Herzen Flash 6b+ ** Edit
37 mike421 Schauenburgfluh Efeuriss Flash 5c **

To 2nd lower off

38 Odile Kalymnos Iliada Penelope Led onsight 6b *** Edit
39 mike421 Kalymnos Poets Licimnio Led onsight 6c **

My first route on Kalymnos

40 mike421 Chuenisberg H-Man Les bacs Led onsight 6b ** Edit
41 mike421 Leonidio Berlin Wall Easyjet raver Led onsight 6b+ ** Edit
42 mike421 Fallenflue Silber Die schöni das Biest Led onsight 6a+ * Edit
43 mike421 Kalymnos Odyssey The Pulpit Led onsight Edit
44 Odile Grotte des Nains Bon baisers de Porrentruy Led onsight Edit
45 mike421 Gempen Gempenpfeiler In memory of Andi Led onsight 6b ** Edit
46 mike421 Flüh Himmelsdach Led onsight Edit
47 Odile Kalymnos Arginonta skyline David goes to the pub Led onsight 5a * Edit
48 julia Telendos Miltiadis Triti Led onsight 5b ** Edit
49 mike421 Santa Linya - Futbolin Por la Boca Muera el Pez Led onsight 7a ***

excellent climbing, with a tricky 4th clip

50 Odile Kalymnos Poets Patrick and Bambou Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit