Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
51 mike421 Rappenfels Pilier Redpoint 6a ** Edit
52 mike421 Rappenfels Replay links Top rope/second 6b+ ** Edit
53 mike421 Rappenfels Schwellkorper Top rope/second 6a *** Edit
54 mike421 Rappenfels Putzfrau Redpoint 6a+ *** Edit
55 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere The adventures of Greggery Peggery Led onsight 6a ** Edit
56 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Hot rats Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a+ ***

Another 3 attempts, one rest halfway through the crux sequence

57 mike421 Simplon Dorf Villabajo Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
58 mike421 Simplon Dorf Sigoga Redpoint 6a+ ** Edit
59 mike421 Simplon Dorf Volli Schitti Redpoint 7a **

Pre clipped the 3rd bolt, seemed a bit brave without.

60 mike421 Simplon Dorf Viper Led onsight 6c ***


61 mike421 Simplon Dorf Villariba Led onsight 6b ** Edit
62 mike421 Simplon Dorf Tabü Redpoint 6c+ ***

2nd attempt from the shake out, went for the wrong holds first time and blew it, 

63 mike421 Simplon Dorf Kanalratta Redpoint 7a ***

2nd attempt, with QDs in place. Feels bold: never really hard, never easy

64 mike421 Simplon Dorf Sigoga Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
65 mike421 Simplon Dorf Farfallina Flash 6b ** Edit
66 mike421 Simplon Dorf Wiiwassergschirrli Redpoint 7a *** Edit
67 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Zomby Woof Led onsight 6a * Edit
68 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Hot rats Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a+ ***

one fall / rest on my 3rd attempt. Getting better.

69 mike421 Chastelfluh Der Routenaufstoberer Redpoint 7a ** Edit
70 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Reve d'hiver (Angie) Flash 6b ** Edit
71 mike421 Chuenisberg Premiere Zur blauen Rebe Redpoint 6a+ *** Edit
72 mike421 Chastelfluh Der Routenaufstoberer Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a ***

Did all the hard climbing on my 3rd attempt, messed up the rope clipping, then slipped off.

73 mike421 Chastelfluh Der Stein trügt Led onsight 6a ** Edit
74 mike421 Chastelfluh Feuchter Traum Led onsight 5b ** Edit
75 mike421 Chastelfluh Quenth, the insane Led onsight 5b *

Overall easier, but one move just as hard as the left hand route

76 mike421 Chastelfluh Rainpearl Redpoint 7a ***

Excellent climbing, had the clips in place

77 mike421 Chuenisberg Ravage Mesotherachute au sol Worked the route 7a+ *** Edit
78 mike421 Chuenisberg Ravage Kampf der Giganten Redpoint 6c **

Did the direct start, quickdraws in place

79 mike421 Betzensteiner Sportkletterwand Baselisk Led onsight 6c ** Edit
80 mike421 Betzensteiner Sportkletterwand Bandscheibenvorfall Led onsight 4b ** Edit
81 mike421 Betzensteiner Sportkletterwand Gravitation Led onsight 6c+ **

Chickened out of the top wall

82 mike421 Betzensteiner Sportkletterwand Hexenmeister Led onsight 6a+ ** Edit
83 mike421 Hexenküche Direkter Sanduhrweg Led onsight 5c *** Edit
84 mike421 Hexenküche Kleine Hexen müssen hexen Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a **

A hard sequence

85 mike421 Hexenküche Ostverschneidung Led onsight 5b ** Edit
86 mike421 Bleisteine Offenbarung Climbed it all, with rests/falls 7a **

Very polished, desperate in summer heat

87 mike421 Wolfsberg Grotte Gell Nancy Led onsight 5c+ ** Edit
88 mike421 Wolfsberg Grotte Bambus Climbed it all, with rests/falls 6c+ **

One rest at the hard move

89 mike421 Grüne Hölle Range Rover Led onsight 6b *** Edit
90 mike421 Grüne Hölle Isolation Led onsight 6c+ ***

clipsticked the first bolt

91 mike421 Grüne Hölle Zweispalt Led onsight 5b *** Edit
92 mike421 Grüne Hölle Die fette Elke Top rope/second 6b **

Felt scary, would not be a nice fall, so clipsticked it

93 mike421 Soranger Wand Blinde Kuh Led onsight 5b ** Edit
94 mike421 Soranger Wand Die alte Sau Led onsight 6c ** Edit
95 mike421 Soranger Wand Aus die Maus Led onsight 6a+ **

Felt a bit run out at the top

96 mike421 Soranger Wand Ku'damm-Bummel Climbed it all, with rests/falls 6c+ **

Wasn't sure which way to go, so had a rest :-)

97 mike421 Soranger Wand Sauwetter Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
98 mike421 Grüne Hölle Dr. J Led onsight 6b ** Edit
99 mike421 Soranger Wand Second Chance Led onsight 6c+ ** Edit
100 mike421 Chastelfluh Rainpearl Top rope/second 7a ***

Tried to lead, ended up clipsticking. Managed to top rope twice without falling.