Tour St. Jacques


# User Crag Date climbed Route Style Sport grade Boulder grade Trad grade Quality Notes Edit
1301 mike421 Gempen Gempenpfeiler Rock games Led onsight 6a+ *** Edit
1302 mike421 Flüh Rechte Himmelsleiter Led onsight Edit
1303 mike421 Flüh Chaot Led onsight Edit
1304 julia Flüh Biwakriss Led onsight Edit
1305 julia Flüh Efeupfeiler Led onsight Edit
1306 mike421 Flüh Efeupfeiler Led onsight Edit
1307 mike421 Gempen Gempenpfeiler In memory of Andi Led onsight 6b ** Edit
1308 mike421 Pelzli Upper Jo-Jo Led onsight 6a * Edit
1309 mike421 Pelzli Lower Route mit Namen Led onsight 6a+ * Edit
1310 mike421 Pelzli Lower Normalweg Westwand Led onsight 4a ** Edit
1311 mike421 Pelzli Lower Mummery Riss Led onsight 5b * Edit
1312 mike421 Pelzli Lower Ratanplan Climbed it all, with rests/falls 6a+ *

Was given 5c+, desperate at this grade

1313 mike421 Pelzli Lower Brandtneu Led onsight 4b * Edit
1314 mike421 Pelzli Lower Remus Led onsight 5a * Edit