The best climbing in Spain?

For the non Spanish, climbing in Spain evokes images of the Costa Blanca, El Chorro, Siurana or the test pieces of Oliana, made famous by the likes of Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma. Spain has so much rock though, there are many other places to visit, and especially in the colder seasons when the north of Europe is too cold to climb. One of these other areas is just north of the the little known town of Balaguer. Here there are a number of excellent cliffs, starting at the 6a grade, and going as far upwards as you care to train. From the slabs of Crestes de Conill to the huge cave of Santa Linya, there is something for everyone. The climate is near perfect in the autumn, winter and spring. Northern Spain has more sunshine hours than almost anywhere in Europe, and the crags face all directions. So if you don't mind a quiet holiday, just 2 hours from the easyjet destination of Barcelona, give it a try. An introductory guide is now available in Climbapedia, complete with climbing topos.  Check it out here.

Climbing in Balaguer, Spain