Zugspitze, Neue Welt

The Classic Freeride tour from the top of Germany. A must on every local steep skiers list. the Neue Welt is a beautiful run through the cliffs of the South West face of the Schneefernerkopf. Quite steep but never too steep, with a 60m abseil in the middle thats brings you to the top of a steep dolomite style gully. Although never too steep, perfect ski technique is required as a fall would be hard to stop and could take you straight to Ehrwald via the 400m cliff drop in the middle. Even after you have finished the steep difficulties the fun is not over, there's still a fight waiting for you to find the way through the forest back to Ehrwald. With good conditions, some say this is the nicest steep Skitour in Germany (even though it's in Austria!).
Austria - Zugspitze
Start Altitude
Finish Altitude
Height gain
Time to climb
about 20-30min to hike up to the schneefernerkopf then 2-3h descent