Val Maggia - Prato

An excellent crag of high quality granite with a bit of something for everyone. Prato is set in a beautiful location, and has some excellent routes. Well worth a visit. It gets the sun in the afternoon

Switzerland - Tessin
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
3 - 8
In the afternoon

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


01 Torre Grande 6c+ 20m

At the left hand side of the crag

02 Alternativo dynamico 7a+ 20m

The left hand variant to Autocontrollo, finishing at the same lower off

03 Autocontrollo 6b+ 20m
04 Dimensionsloch 6c+ 20m
05 In fila indiana 6b+ 20m
06 Giro rotondo 7a+ 20m

The lefthand variant to Tocco a te, finishing at the same lower off

07 Tocco a te 6b+ 20m
08 La bella e la bestia 7b 20m
09 La fessura parziale 6b+ 20m

Finishes at the same lower off as La bella e la bestia

11 No exit 6c 25m

Finishes at the same lower off as Borni

12 Tom 6c 30m
13 Jerry 6c+ 30m

Same start as Tom, but moves right up the crack

14 Delikatessen 6c 30m
15 Pirelli 6a+ 30m
16 La Bussola 6a+ 30m

The obvious corner and final overhang

17 Spicoliamo 6b 25m
18 Tirra la Tacca 6c+ 25m
19 Nierona 6b+ 25m

The crack 

20 Il corvo 7a+ 25m

The tricky overhang and groove

21 Vedo Nero 6b+ 25m

An excellent wall climb on good holds

22 C è spazio 6c 25m
23 Somea 6a+ 30m

Classic jamming and laybacking to the ledge. Excellent

24 Spirito libero 7c 25m


25 Elefantanz 8a 20m
26 Luce irrazionale 8b 20m
27 Hum Came 8a+ 20m
28 Charriu 8a 15m
29 Timo der Helder 8a+ 15m
30 Spring bock 7b 15m
31 Bulldog 6b+ 10m
32 Esperanza 5c 10m
33 Moloch 5a 10m
35 Oppresione 8b 20m
36 Semi finale 7c 15m
37 Forza diagonale 8b 25m
38 Al riparo dal sole 8a+ 35m
39 Namasthè 8c 35m

Connects the top of Forza diagonale to Al riparo dal sole

40 Festa dei nervi 7c+ 35m
41 Vista lago 7c 30m
42 Spallata bestiale 7c+ 35m
43 Kàpten Blaubar 7c 15m
44 Zamonien 6c+ 30m
45 Via Aurelia 7a+ 35m

A superb route up the corner ramp

46 Solo per Quello 7a 20m

A lovely climb with a hard boulder move in the middle. Given 7a, probably harder

48 In bilancia 7b 30m
49 Anubis 7c 25m
50 Chocoly 7b 20m
52 Sasso Volante 7a


61 Tang Gram 3
62 Carambole 3
63 Jenga 3
64 Master mind 4a
65 Memory 4c
66 Yatzi 5b
67 Mono 6a
68 Poly 5c
69 Via Jacqueline 4c
70 Carlito 6a+
71 Crema 6b+
72 Yoghurt 5a
73 Schluck Tee 4c
74 Chicco doro 5b
75 Mix max 3
76 Uno 5c
77 Hali Gali 5c+
78 Mikado 5b
79 Domino 5c

Trad Climbs

Topo Reference Title Trad UK E Grade Trad UK tech grade Length Quality Description Tick
10 Borni E6 6b 25m

Trad climb