Hohe Wand

Hohe Wand is an extensive sub-alpine climbing area just an hours drive from Vienna. It is a beautiful place and a popular tourist destination, the whole area being a nature park, with a skywalk lookout over the cliffs themselves. The routes are up to 250m in length and usually bolted. The rock is sometimes of poor quality (in the lower sections) and sometimes outstanding (higher up). Because of the altitude and the fact that it is south facing, climbing is possible nearly all year round, although avoid hot sunny summer days and cold snowy winter ones. As well as many multi pitch rock routes, there are also a number of Klettersteigs in the area. 

Austria - Niederösterreich
Rock Type
Number of routes
South East
The part of Hohe Wand pictured here gets the sun until late afternoon

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 ÖTL Klettersteig 210m

Formerly known as the HTL Steig, the ÖTL is one of the hardest Klettersteigs in lower Austria. Topo: https://www.bergsteigen.com/touren/klettersteig/oetk-klettersteig-hohe-wand/

02 Sonnenschlange 6a 210m

6 pitches: 6a; 6a;5c; 6a; 5c; 5a

Topo: https://www.bergsteigen.com/touren/klettern/sonnenschlange/

03 Totenköpflsteig 5c 165m

5 pitches with UIAA grades of 4-; 4-; 5+; 5; 6. Topo: https://www.bergsteigen.com/touren/klettern/totenkoepflsteig/

04 Ein alter Stern 6c 90m

Climb the first pitch of Himmelspfeiler (6b) and traverse to the left side of the grass band. Then 3 pitches: 6a; 6b; 6c;  Topo: https://www.bergsteigen.com/touren/klettern/ein-alter-stern/

05 Tristanexpress 6a+ 170m

7 pitches: 6a; 6a; 5c; 5b; 6a+; 5c; 4

Topo: https://www.bergsteigen.com/touren/klettern/tristanexpress/

06 Draschgrat 4b 170m

The easiest route to the top of Draschgrat has 7 pitches, the top two being the hardest at grade 4.

Topo: https://www.bergsteigen.com/touren/klettern/draschgrat-varianten/