Kalymnos Sea Breeze

An excellent crag for beginners and middle grade climbers with easy access and lovely views over Arginonta bay. The routes are mostly slabs and walls, and many require an 80m rope. Great Canyon has some steeper, harder routes. The sun arrives early, between 10am and midday depending on the sector.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5a - 6c
After 11am
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick

POCKET WALL. The first sector of Sea Breeze just right of the gorge

A01 Fasolada 5c 12m

At the very left hand side

A02 In dubio 6a 20m

A harder variant to Falakro

A03 Falakro 5c 20m

Move right to avoid the overhang

A04 Stars on stage 6a 25m

The prominent steep red slab has nice climbing

A05 Cacoyannis 6b+ 35m
A06 Comicland 5a 15m

Same start as Cacoyannis but move right

A06e Mercouri 6c 30m

The extension to Comicland

A08 Kazantzakis 7a 30m

Strenuous climbing to the same lower off as Mercouri

A09 2F@ 5a 15m
A10 Swedish blond 5a 12m
A11 Rand problem 6b 30m
A12 Climbing, the 2nd best... 6a 25m
A13 Slalom 6a 30m ***

A lovely steep slab with some long reaches

A14 Newcomer 5c 30m ***

Similar to Slalom, but easier

A15 Rockcleaner 5c 20m
A16 Strats for heroes 5c 20m
A16e Strats for heroes extension 6c 30m
A18 Saphirniac 6c 40m
A19 Charopalévi 6a+ 20m
A19e Charopalévi extension 6c 40m


A21 Best connections 6a+ 20m
A21e Best connections extension 6c 40m
A23 Voutimata 6c+ 40m
A24 No laugh, no fall 7a+ 40m
A25 Rockcreeper 7a 30m
A26 Felsentaube 7a+ 30m
A27 Christian's groove 6a+ 20m
A28 Berliner Kindl 6a 20m
A29 Arginonta beach 5c 20m
A30 Fakir 6b 20m
A31 Chicken hawk 6a 20m
A32 Graue zone 6b+ 20m
A33 Kill the cock 6a+ 20m
A34 Utopia 6a 20m
A34e Utopia extension 6c 35m

Excellent and testing



B01 Shark teeth 5c 25m
B02 Leonie's smile 5c+ 20m
B03 Noah's archie 5c 25m
B04 Chero poli 5b 25m
B05 Karlomanos 5a 25m
B06 Drosia 5a 25m
B07 Dutch courage 4b 25m
B08 Glaros 5a 30m
B09 Colissimo 5a 30m
B10 Paladin 5b 30m **
B11 Early riser 4b 12m
B12 Rhizarthrose 5b 30m **
B13 Windjammer 6a+ 30m ***
B14 Zoe 6b 30m
B15 Rico 5c 30m
B16 Fountagio 6a 20m
B17 National day 5c 25m
B18 Babis 6a 25m
B19 Psarokatastasi 5c+ 25m
B20 P'tit Loulous 6b 35m
B21 Chute de Pierre et de Paul 6c 40m
B22 Prisunic 6c 40m
B23 Sharky 7a 15m
B24 Dreiu 6b+ 30m
B25 Aeras 6b+ 15m
B26 Sintro 6a+ 20m
B27 Tir ö pigeons 6b+ 35m
B28 Tire toit 6b 35m
B29 Ate 5c 20m
B29e Seeigel 6b 35m

The extension to Ate

B30 Tire doigts 6b 35m
B31 Sea breeze 6b 35m
B32 Tire bouchon 6a 35m
B33 Piranah 5c+ 20m
B33e Piranah extension 6a 35m

The left hand extension finishes at the lower off of Tire Bouchon

B33f Piranah extension right 6a+ 40m

The right hand extension to Piranah

B34 Selene 5b 20m
B34e Selene extension 6b 40m
B35 Hellas 4c 20m
B35e Hellas extension 6b+ 40m
B36 Bleuet 6a+ 30m
B37 Thalassopouli 5c 30m
B38 Hera 5c+ 30m
B39 Eos 6a 25m
B40 Sea parc 5b 25m
B41 Charika poli 5b 25m
B42 Fat boys arete 4c 25m
B43 Fiona 3 20m
B44 Beginnings 3 20m