Kalymnos Spartacus

A popular crag, with some excellent long and hard routes. Spartacus is a large cave that does not get the sun until late in the day, hence the popularity. Climbing is on steep overhanging pocketed walls in the centre, and vertical walls slabs at the sides. On humid days the rock can get very soapy.

Greece - Kalymnos
Rock Type
Number of routes
North West

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 3 Stripes 5c+ 175m ***

A now classic muti pitch route at the left hand side of Spartacus. It is amenable to most people, but nevertheless is long and experience in multi pitch climbing and abseiling is essential. Pitches (between 20 and 40m): 4a; 5a; 5b; 5c; 5c+; 5b. Descent is by abseil down the Grande Grotta abseil at the top of the Masssali multi pitch climb. 1x80m abseil. (if you are clever, do the climb in two parties, both with 80m ropes or stash a rope in the cave, abseil on your one 80m rope and then pull the other one up)

02 Geissen schnucki 6a 20m
03 ZiegenPeter 6a+ 18m **

A tricky move near the start on polished holds, then an easier slab to the lower off

04 Astree 6b 35m ***

The extension to ZiegenPeter. Excellent, wandering climbing on large pockets

05 Chariots of Fire 6c+ 35m

This and the next two routes share the same start

06 Vangelis Connection 6c+ 35m
07 Pygmalion 6b+ 35m
08 Magnetus 7c 20m
09 Alexis Zorbas 7a+ 20m
10 Arena 7c 35m
11 Jellyfish Pie 7a+ 30m
12 Kerveros 7a 30m **

The steep polished leftward trending line of tufas. Excellent if you dont mind polished rock

12e Kerveros extension 7b+ 40m

The left hand extension to kerveros

12f Kerverias 7b 40m

The right hand extension to Kerveros

15 Neska Polita 7c+ 20m
16 Daniboy 8a 20m

A polished 8a classic. Same lower off as Neska

17 Spartacus 7b+ 30m

The route of the crag. Crux at the top

17e Spartacus Maximus 7b+ 45m

The continuation of Spartacus

19 Gladiator 7b 25m
20 Harakiri 6b+ 28m *

A steep polished horror on big holds

21 Tzatziki Vikiki 7b+ 35m

the left hand extension to Harakiri

22 King Cobra 7c+ 45m

The extension to Tzatziki Vikiki

23 Mon batchounousougounoudoudou 7a 30m

The name is almost as tough as the route

23e Chameleon 8a 45m

The extension to Mon batch. . .

25 Les Amazones 6c+ 30m

Good line, nice tufa, slippy holds

25e Ares 7b+ 45m

Extension to Les Amazones

27 Aphrodisia 6c+ 35m

Excellent climbing on tufas and pockets

28 Nabuchodonosor 6c 35m
29 The 13eme travail d'Hercules 6b+ 35m

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